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Pamela McDougle 

Her work is very closely linked to Dr. Kelley, and it is hard to find another person who knows the Kelley protocol as well.

Pamela is a member of the State of Idaho Naturopathic Medical Association. Pamela continued her learning and training in 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts under the direction of the notable health pioneer, Dr. Ann Wigmore (http://www.annwigmore.org), and from the Hippocrates Health Institute (http://www.hippocratesinst.org/). Pamela also further her learning from the now defunct Life Science Institute.

Pamela then works in a number of alternative clinics outside the United States and subsequently had the privilege of working with the Dr. Josef Issels wife and successor, Ilse Marie Issels. (Josef M. Issels, M.D., was a world renowned leader in the development of a holistic, integrative therapeutic system for the treatment of patients with advanced cancers that had failed to respond to standard approaches. The Issels (http://www.issels.com) integrative cancer treatment strategy for each patient focuses not only on killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors, but also on treating the underlying causes of cancer-related immune system suppression. Uniquely providing advanced alternative cancer treatments, founded on extensive research and clinical observation, the Issels cancer specialists aggressively treat your cancer as well as create personalized protocols to stimulate your body’s own cancer fighting abilities.) Pamela’s role was in providing complementary nutritional support to clients using the Issels’ as well as other protocol(s) they have selected for the treatment of their disease.

In 1999 Pamela participated in extended individual training on a daily basis for over two years under the direction of Dr. William Donald Kelley in Winfield, Kansas. Dr. Kelley is a metabolic researcher and creator of four holistic medical concepts: Non-specific Metabolic Therapy, the Science of Optimum Health, Metabolic Ecology, and Metabolic Typing. Dr. Kelley is well known for his work and founding of the International Health Institute in 1980. She eventually travels extensively to teach the Metabolic Program developed by Dr. Kelley. Working with medical doctors across the United States she provides the individual training and support they need to implement this nutritional therapy. Concurrently, Pamela also does with her private practice in Boise, Idaho.

Pamela had over the years continuously participated in various disciplines that improve and speed up the recovery of advanced cancer patients.

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Miles Price,

“I believe in The Kelley Protocol which is customized specifically to the patients condition, which improves the healing process in the body.”

Miles Price, obtained his Masters in Holistic Nutrition in 2011 from Hawthorn University, (Whitethorn, CA, USA). Upon completion of his degree he became professionally registered with the National Association of Nutritional Professionals and the International Association of Clinical Nutritionists 2012.

In 2012, Miles was privileged to be under the tutelage of Dr. Pamela McDougle who trained Miles in the application of Dr. Kelley’s Enzyme Protocol. Dr. McDougle was taught directly by Dr. Kelley himself and was under his guidance for over 10 years. Miles supports cancer patients with an adjunctive therapy to mitigate the toxic effects of conventional treatments for cancer and to aid faster recovery.

Miles applies functional medicine diagnostics to identify nutrient imbalances, toxicities, and organ dysfunction. Applying this approach ensures that the patients ‘root cause’ of their disease is identified and corrected with dietary and supplementary modifications, and along specific detoxification guidelines. Miles has recently been accepted on the Diploma program at the Institute of Functional Medicine. This prestigious Diploma will widen his skill-set with a more clinical application to identifying dysfunction and correcting imbalances with clinical nutritional tools.

In Mr. Price, you will have the best and the latest meeting your nutritional needs at Dr. Kelley Health Sanctuary.